Personnel Nurse

The Occupational Health Nurse aims to provide high standards health care and to protect the workers’ health against any risk. The Occupational Health Nurse of GEP, along with the Occupational Doctor and the other health and safety professionals, contributes to the protection and promoting of the physical and mental health of the staffs.

The daily or periodic presence of an Occupational Health Nurse improves the quality of life in the workplace, ensuring the staffs’ satisfaction according to good physical and psychological working conditions.

The Occupational Health Nurse by GEP

The Occupational Health Nurse offered by GEP plans and implements vaccinations and preventive medical examinations for the employees according to their tasks, trains and informs them on a variety of topics, such as stress management, smoking cessation and protection from musculoskeletal straining; he/she provides also first aid in the workplace, to contribute to the general health and the well-being in the workplace and in the wider community.

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