Vision – Values ​​- Mission

GEP‘s vision, values ​​and mission define the operation of the company, supported by its management and all employees.  Find them summarized in the following brief principles:

The Vision of GEP Management and Employees is “health and safety culture to become a pillar of prosperity and sustainable development, for every organization, for every employee, for every person.”

Our daily experience has shown that good and effective cooperation within and outside of the company is achieved when the following Values ​​are in place in our practice. Values, which we make sure we follow religiously.

For us in GEP,

  • the priority is given to the people,
  • to all of you in the need of prompt and consistent service,
  • of reaction and solutions based on knowledge,
  • and of effective communication

that makes us good partners.

Mission Statement,  We lead the Health & Safety market in Greece with a holistic, scientific, and personalized approach to ensure that our customers’ working environment fosters high performance and productivity

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