Corporate governance

Corporate Governance is the system of Principles and Practices under which GEP is organized, managed and run.


The Board of Directors of GEP has the following composition:

  • Chairman & Managing Director/CEO: Georgios Lambrinos
  • Members: Aphrodite Karaitianou-Velonaki, Spyros Primikirios, Andreas Zografos, Nikos Danezis

Scientific Coordinators:

  • For the Occupational Doctors, Dr. Spyros Soupionis, Doctor of Occupational Medicine
  • For the Occupational Safety Officers, Spyros Primikyrios, Mechanical Engineer


The management team of the GEP is comprised by the following:

    • Chief Executive Officer: George Lambrinos
    • Chief Financial Officer: Eleftherios Merkouriou
    • Chief Commercial Officer: Mara Georgopoulou
    • Chief Operating Officer: Alexandros Sofianopoulos
    • Occupational Safety Scientific Director: Spiros Primikyrios
    • Occupational Health Scientific Manager: Valia Tsopoki
    • Occupational Safety Department Manager: Giannis Votsis
    • Occupational Health Department Supervisor: Eleftheria Gianni
    • Construction Projects Manager: Victor Avdelidis
    • Business Development Manager: Iro Faki
    • Human Resources Manager: Foteini Kalantzi
    • Marketing & Communications Manager: Theano Fousiani
    • Account Coordination Department Manager: George Giannikos
    • Sales Manager: Aglaia Vasilaki
    • IT Manager: Giannis Gyftakis
    • Contracts Manager: Michalis Athanasakis
    • Accounting Manager: Athina Kakouri


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