Management of the First-Aid Equipment

The service on the Management of the First-Aid Equipment of GEP was formed to fulfill the needs of every company in terms of the respective equipment.

The needs of a company in First-Aid equipment extend from the at-minimum indispensable First-Aid materials present at the workplace and the basic kit that all corporate vehicles must have, up to the Automated External Defibrillator and the most specialized equipment which is deemed necessary, not only for a company, but also for the first aid room of big hotels, public stages, shopping centers, industrial sites, construction sites or sports facilities.

These needs may vary, depending on the seasonal activity or the frequency of dangerous tasks taking place.

Management of the First-Aid Equipment by GEP

The Occupational Health Department of GEP staffed with the most skillful personnel possess the respective experience and can offer to your organization a complete First-Aid Equipment Management Service; it may undertake the supply of the necessary material and to manage also the implementation of a periodic quality control.

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