BBS- Behavior based Safety Achievement Programs & Safety Culture Survey

What is the BBS Program -Behavior Based Safety?

Every company that chooses to implement a Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) Program shifts from yesterday to today; it is heading for a better future using best practices and innovation, starting first with its people.

The B.B.S. Program (Behavior Based Safety) promotes the achievement of safe conduct at the workplace and is a tool for the elimination of accidents. It is based on the person’s safe behavior, namely the mindful choice of a safe action and the rejection of an unsafe one, which could result in an accident.

It is through the Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Program, that the Corporate Safety Culture takes a shape.

Benefits out of the realization of a BBS Program

Experience gained so far has shown that organizations that chose to invest in the development of occupational safety and related culture have significant long-term results to determine their course and position within the international market. Through a positive change in the attitude towards safety at work, those organizations create an essential high-level corporate responsibility.

The process of implementing a BBS Program

The implementation of a Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Program is a strategic corporative choice with specific planning, procedures and activities. The key prerequisite for its successful implementation is the active participation and commitment to results of all parts of an organization.

A Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Program is implemented in 3 phases:

  • Survey on the level of the Safety Culture – Identification of the organization’s existing Safety Culture
  • Drawing up of a strategic plan – Selection of the desired level to reach and designation of the path to follow
  • Systematic monitoring of the behavior – Application of the action plan and regular reviewing

Holistic Management of Health and Safety at Work

GEP recommends to the enterprises and the industry of our country to adopt a holistic approach to health and safety, for a comprehensive prevention of any risk.

This approach is accompanied by broader policies, programs and organizational practices that protect the employee against risks and illnesses and promote the culture of prevention. This change has a long-term positive impact on employees’ Health, Safety and Welfare; it also produced confirmed results in the improvement of the productivity and the increase of the profitability of the enterprises.

Choosing GEP to implement a BBS Program to your business

GEP innovates with the Behavior Based Safety, the Safe Behavior Achievement Program which implies a holistic approach of the OSH at the technical and administrative / organizational level; it is thus promoting the creation of a Safety culture within the daily routine of the business.

Having successfully implemented several BBS programs to companies across various economic sectors and by embracing any developments in the field, GEP has the experienced and highly trained executives to introduce comprehensive Safe Behavior Achievement Programs to companies.

Safety Culture /Perception Survey

GEP has developed and applies a special Safety Culture Survey method for the evaluation of the specific level, in companies of all types.

By evaluating – assessing the existing level of safety culture/awareness, the executives of GEP will provide specific and quantitative statistics regarding the level of the OHS culture in your business; they shall also provide documented proposals on strategic planning and of reliable solutions to develop and improve an appropriate OSH management for each enterprise.

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