On-site Health Trainings

Our Training Programs are constantly developing to meet the changing needs of your business. Experienced and energetic GEP trainers give each participant the confidence that he/she will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through courses. Our seminars, from the basics to the most specialized ones, are interactive and practical, to ensure that no one gets out without had not gained the useful techniques concerning health and well-being.

With regard to First Aid, the immediate care that will be given to someone who has been injured or has suddenly become ill can save a life in danger. Has anyone thought about if he/she could be of assistance when was faced with an accident or a sudden illness? Our First Aid training programs provide this knowledge and in particular the apposite skills so that everyone can help the fellow human, both in the workplace and in the personal life as well.

In the context of the general health promotion, actions as the smoking cessation, the stress management, the control of obesity and the increasing of the physical activity, can raise the health indexes in your firm, and improve the employees’ quality of life.

In GEP, we consider the workplace as the ideal place for the implementation of Good Health Practices, which are thereafter applied to the community, thus contributing to the social well-being.

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