E-Learning Health Trainings

When an accident happens, or a sudden illness occurs, every minute counts. If the waiting time of the ambulance to arrive is valued with the provision of quality First-Aid, then the probability to save a human life increases significantly.

GEP e-learning training program in First-Aid gives access to this important knowledge to many employees, as they can be trained at their own pace and at a time they will decide. They are also given the opportunity to review their educational subject whenever a need or desire arises.

Learning objectives of the First-Aid e-learning course.

Upon completion of the course the employees will be able to know:

  • Incidents requiring First-Aid assistance,
  • The sequence of actions to follow in every case of need,
  • Specific First-Aid Techniques.

Structure of the course

The course is based on indicative incidents that can be encountered in everyday life, in the workplace and out of it.

After studying all the incidents, there is a series of lessons to better understand the practices.

Upon completion of the training material, the trained employees can try their “Assessment”, which consists of 20 questions. They have only one attempt, which should be completed in 30 minutes. If they earn the 60% of the grades their effort is considered successful and then they can obtain the relevant “Certificate of Attendance” of the course.

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