Project Safety Coordinator

The Safety Coordinator of the execution of a technical project is the person designated by the project contractor, or if this is not existing as such then by the owner of the project, with the task to coordinate the implementation of the general principles of Accident Prevention and Safety at work, in the project.

Which are the responsibilities of the Safety Coordinator?

The Safety Coordinator ensures that the contractors, subcontractors and self-employed workers in the project are consistently applying the Health and Safety Principles for Technical Projects as foreseen, as well as the implementation of the Health and Safety Plan work is equally followed.

Furthermore, the Coordinator observes – as necessary – the updating of the Technical Project’s Health and Safety Plan (HSP) and the Health and Safety File (HSF).

Finally, the Project Safety Coordinator in collaboration with the Occupational Safety Officer and the Occupational Doctor of the Technical Project organize altogether, the cooperation between the contractors and subcontractors at the worksite, including the successive shifts, and the coordination of all activities to protect workers and to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, as well as the mutual briefing between all.

Why to choose the Project Safety Coordinator provided by GEP

GEP is the leader provider of health and safety services in Greece; it puts your own needs in the center and can support any of your technical works with its services and experienced executives.

The Project Safety Coordinator of GEP has constant access and ongoing support from the central specialized consulting department of the company, for any issue that may arise.

GEP executives with their extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge may draw up the necessary Health and Safety Plan and the Health and Safety File of the Technical Project according to the specifications of client’s project and the requirements of the relevant legislation.

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