Health and Safety Dossier

What is the HSF – the Health and Safety File- and when it is required?

The HSF is a Health and Safety file, ie a listing of the project’s data as this was finally constructed, as well as a series of instructions and useful information to be considered later during the lifecycle of the project (maintenance, cleaning, conversions, etc.).

The Health and Safety File of the project aims to prevent risks during the works to take place after the project has been accepted and throughout its lifetime.

The Health and Safety File is an integral part of the documentation submitted in accordance with the applicable provisions for the issuance of a building permit, as required.

What is included in the HSF – the Health and Safety File

The Health and Safety File (HSF) is prepared by the contractor of the entire project or if it does not exist as such, then by the owner of the project. The HSFdelivered by the constructor to the owner should comply with the requirements of DS 305/96.

The Health and Safety File (HSF- ΦΑΥ) includes the Project’s Registry, ie the plans and the technical description, the guidelines and useful data on Occupational Safety and Health matters to be considered during any subsequent works throughout the lifetime of the project, (maintenance, conversions, cleaning works, etc.). Indicatively, they refer to the safe execution of various tasks, the risk avoidance as from using the public utilities (water, electricity, gas, steam, etc.), the fire safety, etc.

The law

The PD. 305/1996 (“Minimum safety and health requirements to be applied to temporary or mobile construction sites in compliance with Directive 92/57 / EEC”) in its Article 3, paragraph 3 states that: “Prior to the commencement of work on the site the contractor of the entire project and if not exists, the owner of the project, accomplishes the development of a Safety and Health Plan and the preparation of a Safety and Health File”.

Drafting of the HSP by GEP

The GEP undertakes the development of the HSF both at the start of the project and at its delivery.

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