General Content Trainings

In GEP, we believe in the lifelong learning and we design and implement high quality integrated Training Seminars of General Content, further to those on subjects in Occupational Health and Safety. They include an expanded series of themes such as Tax, Labor and Accounting Issues, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Development, the New GDPR on Protection of Personal Data and Privacy, etc.

The series of the General Content Training Seminars of GEP is continuously growing by adding new, specialized and constantly updated courses, addressing to all employees according to the theme, to meet the current and ongoing business needs of our customers.

For the General Content Training Seminars of GEP we apply strict criteria to appoint the lecturers out of the most eminent in their field; they alone decide on scientific grounds about the training subjects and material, so that the General Content Training Seminars of GEP are classified among the most competitive in the market.

The General Content Training Seminars of GEP can take place either in-house our facilities using our advanced infrastructure, or at the headquarters of your company. The classes are controlled to 15 to 20 people each, so that participants get the most out of the training.

It should be noted also, that our General Content Training Seminars come under the LAEK Programs, wherefrom companies are entitled to use a 0.24% of their total wage costs, for vocational training programs.

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