Subsidized programs

The NADF (National Agreement for the Development Framework) 2014-2020 is the key strategic plan for the country’s development with the support of significant resources from the European Union Structural and Investment Funds. Enhancing business competitiveness and outreach, the transition to quality entrepreneurship pointing to innovation, and the increase of the domestic value added, are the priorities of the NADF 2014-2020.

In this context, Sectoral and Regional Programs for Private and Business Investments are initiated, and Calls are launched.

GEP provides comprehensive consulting services to individuals and businesses which include the valorization of the funding opportunities of NADF 2014-2020:

  • Information on investment opportunities
  • Appraisal of every business idea and secure business guidance in making business decisions
  • Support for the drawing of the Investment Plan
  • Submission of the Investment Plan to the Competent Body
  • Monitoring of the Investment Plan until its completion
  • Feasibility and Sustainability studies
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