Project Licensing Officer

The Project Licensing Ofiicer is appointed to fulfill special safety requirements to support the Site Manager in issuing the Work Permits necessary for all construction works.

Indicative examples of work permits include: hot works, entry and work in confined space, working at heights, chemical operations, commissioning of equipment / machines and power generating units, etc.

Which are the responsibilities of the Project Licensing Ofiicer

The Project Licensing Ofiicer is responsible:

  • For the issuance, filling-in, approval, closure or discontinuing of the Work Permit, in accordance with the relevant safety procedure and the working instructions.
  • To administer the Work Permit he/she determines and controls the measurements of harmful agents and inspects the premises for which the work permit is to be issued (before, during, and at the end of the work).
  • He/she trains the workers involved in the work process in view.
  • Moreover, the filling-in of the requested permits requires the identification of the safety measures and of their observance during the works, to prevent incidents and accidents.
  • Finally, the Work Permit Officer keeps records of the work permits issued, the works’ registry and the results of the inspections.

The GEP role in the provision of the Project Licensing Ofiicer services 

On the way to the unimpeded implementation of your project, the issuance of the necessary Work Permits and what they presuppose is a process that requires experience and a combined knowledge of the necessary actions.

GEP experienced executives possess the needed expertise to guide you through every step related to the licensing of the tasks that your project requires.

The assignment of the Project Licensing Ofiicer provided by GEP is a value-adding option for the implementation of your project, as beyond the experience and expertise of our people, they have also permanent access and ongoing support from the central specialized consulting department at the company, for any issue that may arise.



The GEP role in the provision of the Work Permit Officer services

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