Project Doctor

Work Accidents are not rare; occasionally the moment they happen nobody knows how to react, when to ask for specialized assistance and what to do until this arrives to the, often difficult to access, location of the accident.

The Project Doctor offers high-level emergency health care services when a person’s health and life are endangered. He / she stands-by the worker and intervenes appropriately, securing in most cases an effective treatment on the spot, whilst the most serious incidents are early recognized, and cases are transferred to organized and more specialized health facilities.

Responsibilities of the Project Doctor

The Workiste Doctor coordinates and acts promptly to health emergencies at the right time and place; he/she responds to the need to manage threatening situations at the workplace which require immediate decision-making and the right actions, and therefore minimizes the negative physical and psychological reactions, caused by emergency health conditions.

GEP and the Project Doctor

The direct health care of the workers provided by the Worksite Occupational Doctor provided by GEP is one of the Best Practices for the Maintainance of the Good Health of your company’s personnel. A healthy workforce builds up starting with the employer who understands the health hazards identified in each project, and subsequently undertakes specific actions to manage them.

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