Medical examinations

Preventive medical examinations of the employees of each compaany and the issuance of the health attestation certificate are included in the comprehensive health monitoring services that GEP can provide to you.

The objective of preventive medical examinations is to bring every business into compliance with the Greek legislation and with the health and safety policies, applied globally.

Medical preventive testing is based on the periodic health tests of the workers’ health who are exposed to harmful factors; it significantly improves the company’s efficient operation and increases its productivity.

Indicatively, the preventive examinations offered by GEP include:

  • Evaluation of somatometric indexes
  • Clinical examination (dermatological, neurological, auscultatory, musculoskeletal)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Visual Acuity Examination
  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Blood examinations
  • Urological examinations
  • Radiological examinations

Targeted medical examination programs are necessary to assess the medical fitness of each employee for the specific job.

The result of this assessment is the issuance of the certificate of fitness to work to the employees, and the safeguarding of the employers’ interests in respect.

Preventive Medical Exminations by GEP

The team of the specialized and experienced team of health consultants of GEP performs periodic medical check-ups of the employees at their workplaces, as this is foreseen in the national legislation N.3850 / 2010 and PD. 17/96 concerning the obligations of employers.

Preventive medical examinations can take place either in an appropriately designed place within a company business or in the GEP clinic.

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