Environmental Policy

GEP participates in recycling programs for paper, plastic and glass, for the reuse of packaging materials.

Moreover, the company is committed to reducing the impact of its operation on the environment, based on the ISO 14001: 2009 standard adopted.

Through this specific standard, the company:

  • complies with the applicable legal and other requirements to ensure the protection of the environment
  • provides appropriate environmental awareness to its employees
  • reduces the amount of waste generated and ensures a safe handling and disposal
  • saves on the natural resources through the recycling and re-use of materials, the supply of recycled materials and the use of recyclable packaging and other materials
  • uses energy responsibly, in all its functions
  • protects workers and the community where it operates, by adopting safe technologies and operating procedures
  • communicates its commitment to protect the environment, to the employees, suppliers, clients, public services and to the community in which it operates.
  • improves continuously the Company’s Environmental Management System and Quality Policy

GEP Certifications

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