Project Nurse

The Project Nurse aims to provide high standard health care services, direct and effectively, on-site the works.

The support provided to a company and its staff by the Workplace Nurse, is characterized by scientific knowledge, clinical skills and years of experience, contributing substantially to a safety work environment.

The Project Nurse is on readiness to respond immediately when this is needed and to offer his/her services safely and accurately.

The Project Nurse follows the treatment protocols and emergency care standards applied globally; he/she is positioned therefore, in the center of an emergency health care system, which is necessary in every contemporary company.

Workplace Nurse by GEP

GEP with its Project Nurse service, offers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year uninterrupted coverage to crowded workplaces, such as a shopping mall, or workplaces with hazards to employees.

GEP employs specialized personnel in the resuscitation and in emergencies, thus significantly reducing the impact of a health-threatening situation.

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