Meet GEP

GEP was founded in 2000 by specialists in Occupational Health and Safety and has evolved today to the Leader of its Industry in Greece.  Having the most complete and specialized network of Occupational Doctors and Safety Officers, GEP has become a valuable business partner to Greek Companies.

Training Courses

The company’s services portfolio includes, among others, a wide range of training courses.  Experienced and accredited trainers transmit the necessary knowledge, on First AidFire SafetySafety of Installations and Machinery. A wide range of training topics of general interest for Health and Safety and the Environment is also provided.

Through training, GEP aims to enhance the personal development of the participants, by focusing on their offer to the fellow human being. GEP training courses give therefore to employees the necessary skills to act with determination and confidence when is needed, to save their own and others’ lives.

GEP leadership in the field of Occupational Health and Safety training courses is marked also by the e-Learning programs. These programs give employees the flexibility of distance learning (

The European project

GEP development path was marked by its cooperation with the European Commission. The awarding following an international tender was about the health and safety audits to the buildings of the EU delegations to non-EU countries. A second similar assignment was awarded for more delegations and the third one for establishments in Brussels and Luxembourg. Moreover, another European Organization for the Health and Safety at Work (EU-OSHA) has chosen GEP to develop three digital tools for Occupational Risk Assessment.


GEP is the first certified training provider in Greece according to the Global Wind Organization (GWO) Basic Safety Training standard for wind farms.  The certification covers Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan countries, and the Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Our services support high-risk sectors such as

  • chemical,
  • construction
  • and energy industries,

while we lead the market in the fields of services and commerce (airports, banks, etc.) too.

Presently, the company covers more than 250.000 employees of 2.000 businesses in all sectors, with a total of 12.500 facilities nationwide.

The lasting economic crisis in our country has created significant psychosocial risk in the workplace. GEP has timely identified the need for containment and has strategically collaborated with Hellas EAP.  By completing its health and safety services portfolio with Employee Assistance Programs, the primary goal was to address and manage psychosocial issues of employees. These services are entirely anthropocentric and linked to corporate social responsibility.

At the same time, GEP is distinguished in the elaboration of studies and programs of Health & Safety applications on behalf of its Clients.  Αlso, GEP undertakes a wide range of projects, such as Quality Assurance and Certification, Management Systems, Environmental Studies etc.

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