Information Security Policy

In the context of the Basic Principles defining GEP values ​​and τηε overall business practice, the following are included:

Code of Practice, which establishes the guidelines and standards of cooperation with the employees and the business partners of GEP.

The Legal and Public Liability Policy, which outlines the core framework of the company’s activities and responsibilities in accordance with the regulatory normative of the State.

Quality Policy, which describes the principles, procedures and tasks related to the Quality Management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 standards.

Risk Management Policy, relating to the management of financial and operational risk, the monitoring and the response to risks.

Environmental Management Policy, regarding company’s commitment to environmental laws, regulations and other operational and protection terms, in the provision of its services and general operation.

Corporate Responsibility and Occupational Health & Safety Policy for all business activities, operations and processes within the structure of the company.

Information Security Policy to ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO 27001 standard, and the full regulatory compliance of the company to the new EU General Regulation for Personal Data Protection (GDPR), the integrity and confidentiality of all data and information infrastructures, constituting an asset for the company.

GEP Certifications

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