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    About GEP

    GEP was founded in 2000 by specialists in Occupational Health and Safety growing today to the largest consultant in health and safety services in Greece. In its interest to provide high quality Occupational Health and Safety services to its Clients, GEP has established the most complete and specialized network of Occupational Doctors and Safety Officers with know-how and experience in all sectors of the economy and developed to a valuable business partner.


    GEP Academy

    Occupational Safety

    Value added for every company that thinks and acts with responsibility.

    Behavioral Safety

    Evaluates and reflects the level of the company's safety culture and proposes viable solutions.

    Training & e-learning

    Interactive and user-friendly e-learning programs.


    GEP is the first and only certified provider in Greece for the Training of the Global Wind Organization.


    Many businesses have already trusted GEP with absolute success, for their compliance to the rules of GDPR with the new General Regulation on Protection of Personal Data and Privacy.

    • Occupational Safety
    • Behavioral Safety
    • Training & e-learning
    • Sustainability
    • GDPR







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    Challenges & Management OHS on big projects

    The effective management of Occupational Health & Safety in big projects requires readiness to meet specific requirements, specifications on know-how, and expertise depending on the type of project.

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