SEVESO – Large Scale-Accident Hazards Studies

The European Directive addresses the safety issues of large-scale industrial installations and industrial accidents. It is the basic tool for identifying the respective risk and for assessing its impact on humans and the environment.

The Safety Notification  and Study – Directive – relates to rules, measures and conditions to handle the risks of major accidents due to the presence of hazardous substances in installations.

What is included in the Notification of the SEVESO Study

The SEVESO Notification includes a brief description of the installation’s details, a list of the hazardous substances and quantities, an assessment of the likelihood of a major accident due to its location and proximity to other hazardous facilities (domino phenomenon).

The SEVESO Safety Study includes more detailed information, such as:

  • Information on the safety management system and the organization of the installation
  • Presentation of the installation’s conditions (geographic location, meteorological data, etc.)
  • Plant description (hazardous substances, processes, etc.)
  • Risk of Accident (accident scenarios, causes, consequences, etc.)
  • Protection and intervention measures to mitigate the consequences of a major accident

The law

The Greek legislation under the Joint Ministerial Decision 172058/2016 (Government Gazette 376 B) is in line with the European Directive Seveso III (Directive 2012/18 / EC) and describes the obligations to the operators of installations with dangerous substances to manage the risks of major accidents. The basic obligation to these entities is to draft and submit to the competent authorities, the SEVESO Notification of the Safety Study according to the quantities of the hazardous substances, which are present within the facilities.


GEP has the experienced and highly trained specialists to assist any such business to securely comply with the SEVESO Legislation. Specialized scientific staff with many years of experience takes responsibility of the preparation of the necessary documentation and of the follow-up of the opinion-making process by the Competent Bodies, up to the final approval of the dossier of the Notification, and the due registration of the Safety Study.

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