Project Safety Manager

The Project OHS Manager makes the initial management planning of the occupational health and safety matters of the Project. Afterwards and during the project, he/she is responsible for any adjustments to the decisions on the health and safety procedures.

Which are the responsibilities of the Project OHS Manager?

The following are included in the responsibilities of the Project OHS Manager:

  • The implementation of the occupational health and safety procedures decided for the Project.
  • Definition of all statutory requirements to be met by the workers involved in the project.
  • Control and guidance of the Project’s Safety Engineers and Coordinators involved, as well as those third parties related to these issues.
  • Actions, procedures and controls to be adopted for the prevention of risks and the protection of all stakeholders of the Project, in constant consultation with all Heads and Foremen so that the latter shall apply the worksite’s safety rules.
  • Full actions according to law, regarding occupational accidents.
  • Designation of all legal requirements with respect to the standards that must be met by the suppliers, the equipment, the materials and the work means of the Project.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) regarding the level of project’s safety.
  • Design and the specifications of the training seminars required by the project in the field of Occupational Health and Safety.

The GEP role

The experienced GEP executives with their know-how required can guide every step of their clients in every matter related to safety, health and the necessary specifications of the project implementation. In this context and depending on the needs, the extent and the special characteristics of the Project, they can propose the assignment of a Project OHS Manager to proceed smoothly with the implementation of the Project.

The Project OHS Manager provided by GEP, has in addition to his experience and know-how a permanent access and ongoing support from the central specialized consulting department of the company for any issue that may arise.

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