E-learning Safety Trainings

The Health and Safety e-learning Training Programs of GEP give access to knowledge to all employees, who can benefit through the easy-to-use and flexible form of e-learning courses, as the latter may be followed at the time and place selected by the trainee.

Advantages of distance learning for the trainee

E-learning courses do not require a student’s physical presence in a room at a specific time, so employees have the advantage of being trained on a subject they may choose, at their own pace and at a time and place they may define themselves.

In addition, employees are given the opportunity of refreshing the learning subjects whenever a need arises.

Advantages of distance learning for the employer

The company which selects the method of distance learning to train its employees saves the resources which would have otherwise been devoted for that.

In particular, it is not necessary to avail the area and working time for training and coordination, the audiovisual media, the stationery and everything else that is necessary in a training session with the physical presence of all concerned.

GEP e-learning subjects  

GEP has been a pioneer in this field also, recognizing the market need and developing the first e-learning curricula in the following thematic areas:

  • First aid
  • Fire safety
  • Office safety
  • Health & Safety in Food

In cooperation with the company SQ Learn, a specialized firm in e-learning programs, GEP develops training programs on health and safety issues, fully interactive and user-friendly, and as broader in terms of their content.

The process of e-learning training

The trainee may access the training program he has chosen, by using a personal password. The navigation to the program is highly user-friendly and self-guides the trainee.

After completing the training program, the trainee is assessed through an evaluation system for the knowledge he/she has acquired, by completing an appropriate questionnaire (test). Once it is successful, he/she receives a certificate of successful program completion.

Additionally, the trainee is given the opportunity to communicate with the trainer, to solve questions and to further develop about the training chosen.

* For more information on the content and structure of the courses one can visit http://www.hsetraining.gr 

The respective form for the expression of interest may also be filled-in for a GEP representative contacts back, to discuss the training needs of your company as well as how to access GEP e-learning programs.

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