Corporate Social Responsibility

The GEP adopts a two-way relationship between business and society; its philosophy, actions and policies are aligned with the corporate social responsibility and the sustainable development.

About its employees:

The anthropocentric approach adopted by the company applies to both its own employees and to those working for its clients and is implemented by actions and services to meet their immediate needs and also their pursuit of personal development. The range of benefits includes educational activities for personal and professional development, additional healthcare coverage, a special privileges card GEP Privilege Card (Press HERE), and a 24-hour telephone line for psychological support for the employees and their families.

About the society:

The company adopts as its aim and vision, the well-being of all working people and the sustainable development of all organizations through the rules of right management of Occupational Health and Safety.

In this direction, every year on the occasion of the anniversary week and the World Health and Safety Day, we focus on society by organizing open and free actions for workers of all disciplines and levels.

Typical actions during these days are First Aid seminars, work stress measurement and raising of awareness on psychosocial risks at work, events to promote Occupational Health and safety to Administration through free seminars for senior executives, etc.

A standing benefit for GEP clients’ all employees is the free provision of GEP Privilege Card (Press HERE) with many important advantages on health issues, on insurance, on nutrition counseling, etc.

Additionally – among other actions for sensitive social groups – the company provides financial support to our fellow citizens by organizing Christmas and Easter bazaars in its premises.

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