Employee Assistance Programs

GEP in exclusive collaboration with Hellas EAP (www.hellaseap.gr), provides Employee Assistance Programs creating a holistic system of services to meet the modern needs of companies. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) include a day-round Support & Advisory Phone Line (24/7/365) for the staff and executives and their family members. Services of Employee Psychological Assistance (EAP) Programs are indicatively: “On-site” scheduled visits of counselors, the “Face to Face” counseling, coaching to the executives, and the monitoring of acute stress of traumatic events & crises through the immediate intervention of counselors on the spot, in the workplace.

Furthermore, services are provided related to specialized training, well-being programs, application of psychometric tools, conducting of surveys, assessment of occupational suitability, mediation & conflict resolution in the workplace, psychosocial risk assessment and monitoring of cases related to mental health in the workplace.

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