Project Health & Safety Consultant

The Project Health & Safety Consultant is appointed by the project owner or the contractor and is responsible for checking and advising on the current Health and Safety Plan (HSP) to include the entire scope, activities and working methods during the development of a project. He/she also ensures that all project implementers cover the legal and contractual requirements, based on the applicable provisions to the project.

The tasks of the Project Health & Safety Consultant include:

  • The assessment of the adequacy of the existing Occupational Health and Safety procedures for the Project and their level of implementation.
  • Proposals for the content and assessment of the level of training, based on national and international standards.
  • Guidance on the specific work requirements on the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), on materials and on measurements.
  • In the event of an incident or accident, he/she advises the company on its management on a case-by-case basis (reporting, investigating, identifyication of the corrective actions).
  • Proposals to upgrade the existing security procedures and measures, in order they adapt to the various phases of the project until the final ‘commissioning’ of the project.
  • Checking and evaluating the records kept for the project, related to Health and Safety at Work.

• Monitoring and evaluating the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) regarding the level of the project’s security.

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