On-site trainings: Trainings that save lives!

GEP has top-notch partners with years of experience and can offer trainings on any critical Health and Safety issue for your organization. We guarantee effective training, as trainers and programs are constantly evaluated, and each program has a measurable result.

After the training, there is always a detailed evaluation of the participants so that each business knows the outcome.

On-site trainings to help your employees’ personal development.

The way that staff are trained in First Aid has changed and is now in line with the most up-to-date global trends, which require experiential training with participatory methods and tools to develop the trainee’s personality. GEP fully embraces the new trends in First Aid Training and makes a difference. GEP First Aid Programs are based on updated ERC guidelines and provide specific and targeted instructions on how first-aid kits are applied in the workplace, to be implemented at the right time and to deliver the best possible results.

Aimed at every person and every employee of all disciplines, such as banks, insurance companies, shopping malls, sports facilities, factories, shops, airports, training facilities, hotels and catering, and security etc.

 Modern training for office work.

We provide you with the tools to tackle the ‘hidden traps’ of seemingly safe workplace. GEP’s innovative office trainings come to protect the health and safety of your organization’s employees.

 Special seminars on fire safety and evacuation.

They are made for employees in all fields of activity, by highly experienced, specialized and active Fire Service officials,  that are GEP’s partners. They include relevant case studies, assessment tests at maturity and provide attestation certificates.

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