Mining & Metallurgy

By their very nature, the quarrying and mining operations are highly dangerous, whether they are carried out on the surface or underground. Already since its first release in 1984, and in its updated version in 2011, the Regulation on Quarries and Mines has set a strict framework on Occupational Health and Safety for the activities of the sector.

The working environment, the use of explosives, the fixed and mobile machinery etc., require a cautious handling and a high specialization in Health & Safety.

Likewise, in the metallurgy and more generally in the processing and enrichment processes, the use of hazardous chemicals, the special working conditions (super-high temperatures, dust, noise, etc.) and the special equipment used, prescribe a working environment needing precautions in terms of H&S.

GEP has the right answers for these activities also, through its experienced Safety Engineers and Coordinators, assigned it to its customers in all the above cases.

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