Chemical Burns Solutions

GEP as the leader provider of occupational health and safety services in Greece, recognized the gap in the effective treatment of chemical burns in the country; since 2010 GEP is the exclusive supplier of the innovative medical solutions of the French company Prevor to the local companies.

The series of PREVOR solutions under the trade labels of DIPHOTERINE® and Hexafluorine® are today the only option to effectively tackle chemical burns, which can lead to very serious and even fatal injuries to workers.

These solutions directly inhibit the action of the dangerous chemical agents and radically prevent damage to the tissues that have encounter.

What is a chemical burn?

Chemical burn is the damage caused by the reaction of a corrosive or irritant chemical when it comes into contact with the body tissues.

The chemical agent reacts with a tissue component (a molecule, a cell or a protein, etc.) and destroys its biological balance.

The severity of the burn is estimated according to the extent of the damage and the amount of tissue that has been destroyed; it is related to the type of the chemical agent, the nature of the tissues that have been involved and the affected area of ​​the body.

The skin, the eyes, the digestive tract and the respiratory system are usually exposed to chemical hazards

Who risk a chemical burn?

The categories of workers who may suffer a chemical burn are several. Workers in the chemical industry, the fertilizers, the food, plastic, rubber, paints, and papermill factories, the metallurgy and ore mining and many other industries, are at risk.

Although chemical accidents are not so frequent, they have the highest rate of causing permanent damage.

Proper information on the direct treatment of α chemical burn can save workers from disability, even death.

Prevor products meet all the requirements of the legislation and are used worldwide by the largest industries as well as in Greece, with excellent results.

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