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    Facility Management

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    Facility Management

    November 26, 2020 16:00 - 19:15

    Is adressed to

    At Facility Managers of all branches of economic activity.


    Manage in a standardized and efficient way the facilities your customers trust.


    To meet

    • What is Facility management
    • What are FM hard and soft Services
    • What the Customer Requires from the Facility Manager (FM) and What the FM Requires from the Customer to Achieve Its Goals
    • What are the legal requirements and risks?
    • How to properly maintain facilities
    • How to prepare and audit the relevant PM Responsibility Budget
    • Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • What are the Key Performance Indicators, KPIs
    • How to negotiate, communicate and manage complaints
    • Highlights in Cleaning Services
    • Important Points in Guard Services – Private Security
    Ways of training

    traditional training at GEP ACADEMY, lasting 8 hours



    After successful participation, a certificate of attendance is given.

    Training is provided by GEP – Under the auspices of Hellenic Facility Management Association (

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