Energy & Renewable Energy Sources

The rapidly growing Renewable Energy Sources (RES) industrial sector is in itself a special field that should not be approached under the “traditional terms” of Occupational Health and Safety. This happens because companies active in this dynamic industry have set internationally high standards of H&S through the Global Wind Organization (GWO).

It is a prerequisite of working in the industry, that each employee must have successfully attended the special training seminars and he/she is certified according to the GWO standard, on:

  • First Aid,
  • Manual Handling of Loads,
  • Fire Awareness,
  • Working at Height,
  • Survival at Sea,
  • Maintenance

GWO training programs are provided around the globe, exclusively by certified and licensed Training Providers.

GEP as early as of year 2014, is the first & only certified Basic Safety Training GWO Provider, covering Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan countries and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean,

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