BRAVO Sustainability Awards – GEP Privileges Card

Amongst 40 practices, GEP CARD «Κάρτα προνομίων Υγείας, διατροφής και ασφάλισης για εργαζόμενους όλων των επιχειρήσεων με μηδενική συνδρομή» initiative scored 2.9 out of 4.  Voted by 3.173 Active Citizens and read by 9.046 users.

GEP Card, is a  usefull “tool” of opportunity and privilege for all businesses that would like  to provide benefits to their employees without having to invest money and resources.

In particular, GEP card’ health benefits, can be used by companies beyond the considerable benefits that may provide to their employees and families (Group Insurance Program) , providing financial benefits to in all directions, from reducing health costs.

GEP Card is constantly enriched with new privileges for which card owners will be regularly updated.

GEP Card was awarded as a worthy initiative for society! Thanks to the institution Bravo Sustainability Awards for recognizing our work!

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Read here  more information on the GEP Privilege Card

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