First Aid  Training for the Children of Piraeus Bank Group Employees!

With the motto “Be a Hero – Save a Life” the first of a series of training sessions on First Aid, started today, targeting the children of Piraeus Banking Group Employees.

A total of 35 children aged 11 years and over participated in an interactive first aid training session specifically designed for them entitled ‘Be a Hero – Save a Life’. The seminar took place at the new GEP premises in Maroussi and on October 12 the same training is expected to be repeated in Thessaloniki.

The children gained valuable knowledge and skills on how to save a life in jeopardy, and they seemed particularly aware of the very important value of offering to the human being. They realized that they do not need to be heroes to save a life but only need to acquire the knowledge of techniques to deal with each incident calmly.

From all of us in GEP, congratulations to the children, to their parents, and to the Piraeus Banking Group HR team for their initiative, social responsibility, highlighting the importance of Health & Safety at work and in life!

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