16/10: World Restart a Heart Day – New Technologies in Resucitation

By the message “All the citizens of the world can save a life” and aiming to the raising of awareness of citizens worldwide in order to increase using the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), today on the 16th October 2018, is launched the first global initiative – World Restart a Heart Day – by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation – ILCOR ).

 If a cardiac arrest occurs, every minute counts. If the time waiting the ambulance is utilized for the provision of the appropriate First Aid and CPR, then the probability of saving a human life increases significantly. Cardiac arrest is a major public health issue worldwide, and one of the main causes of premature deaths, of which a large percentage could be avoided.


New Technologies in Resucitation – GEP present at the Congress of the European Resuscitation Council in Bologna, Italy

GEP was present this year too at the annual Congress of the European Resuscitation Council, on ‘New Technologies in Recucitation in the city of Bologna on 20-21-22 September, to bring to Greece all new technology breakthrough for the benefit the human life.

 The conference was one of the most impressive of the European Resuscitation Council; apart of the outstanding contributions, oral and written announcements and hands-on workshops, the most modern technologies, which may and must be used to support a high level of healthcare provision and education on recusitation, were presented.

  • The“flying” Automatic External Defibrillators that arrive by drone, quickly and effectively at the location of a cardiac arrest, is already a reality in Europe.
  • The possibility of Training under the Virtual and Augmented Reality perception now brings the seminars of “First Aid”, “Fire Safety”, “Safe Evacuation”, “Working in Height” and “Survival in Extreme Conditions” even closer to realistic situations, thus making feasible the practice under extreme educational scenarios during training, without any risk for the trainees. These new technologies are the future in training and GEP is already planning its educational seminars with the integration of simulation to its traditional programs through the Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms.
  • The most up-to-date knowledge and skills for advanced life support is now our ownership, as we have been trained by the world-best in the provision of both in- and out- patient high quality advanced healthcare, making use of the available technology. The “Kids Save Lives” campaign for First Aid training for children was also in the center of interest this year, with children being trained at no-time on how to apply simple techniques that can save a life!
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