Earthquake Prevention and Treatment! Who Can Help Us?

GEP, always oriented on its values, would like to inform you of the major recent issue concerning the seismic vibration in the Magoula area.

It is well known that our country is one of the most active seismic regions in the world, which requires all of us to be on alert in the event of an earthquake.  Although earthquakes cannot be predicted with certainty, we can all be prepared to take precautionary measures.

However, apart from the necessary planning with precautionary measures and the adoption of action plans, it is considered that a major problem in managing these situations is the lack of proper information or even misinformation,  leading to wrong decisions, panic and even confusion about preventive measures

In this context, it is important to know that reliable and accurate information can be provided to everybody mainly through the relevant government bodies, while various publications or opinions of third parties not relevant to the subject are often checked for their validity and reliability.


Competent government agencies where any citizen can seek information on seismic prevention and treatment are:


While in the Frequently Asked Questions you can find useful information


Contact details of Attica Municipalities for citizens’ queries regarding post-seismic building inspection have been posted on the website of the General Secretariat


Local authorities must also provide relevant information


In addition to the above, GEP and its scientific staff are always at your disposal to provide you with the right information and support.


Contact person: Spyros Primikyros Scientific Technical Safety Officer T +30 210 9405866 | D +30 211 1882832 M +30 693 6689256 | [email protected]

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