GEP Group

Driven to provide high quality services and establish trusted relationships with their customers, GEP’s group of companies have created a significant market position in their sector.

GEP Group of Companies includes:

GEP is the leading provider of occupational health and safety services in Greece. GEP provides high-quality services meeting the needs of modern business.

Nova Exypp is a subsidiary company of GEP Group, was founded in 2009, and is an independent provider of Occupational Health and Safety services.


PCS2 was founded in Athens and constitutes a new member of GEP Group, active in studies and in designing private, business and cyber security systems and measures, to respond to a wide range of security needs of its clients. PCS2 aims to develop and implement its services, investing in technology, education and innovation and to provide competitive and integrated solutions, in line with international standards.


HSWConsulting is a new company founded in Heraklion Crete in 2019, to assist the Group operations to develop more and faster in the local market.


EUROCORE CONSULTING is another newcomer to GEP Group of companies.  It is based in Brussels in the heart of Europe, taking advantage of its geographic location to promote group interests from there all over Europe and beyond. It is a fast-growing company providing multi-sectoral consultancy and professional technical support to firms and organizations in the private and public sector, aiming also to EU funded projects.

hellas eap

Hellas EAP is the leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs in Greece, focusing primarily on strategic interventions to improve productivity at all levels of an organization, enhance organizational competitiveness and develop a healthy and secure corporate culture.

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